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By: Zain Abdullah

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Friday, 2-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My recent works: Jerteh - Part I

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This year I celebrated merdeka (Independance Day) in my hometown. Actually there was no event to celebrate. It was just a holiday back at my hometown to take advantage of the National Day public holiday. Kampung as usual is always peaceful and serene to me. Although the light was not superb owing to cloudy and intermittent rain it never discourage me from taking pictures.

Enjoy viewing some of them here...

Some description of the photos:

01 - Wooden windows of my parents' wooden house
02 - "A loving couple"
03 - The pre-war wooden shophouses in Jerteh. They are still there after so many years. They evoke memory of my childhood.
04 - Pre-war wooden shophouses from the same row.
05 - A patriotic shop owner although the shop was shifted to the new premise the building is still being well taken care of.
06 - One of the kids realized my existence shooting them from the Sungai Besut Bridge
07 - This is the wideangle view of the row of pre-war shophouses.
08 - A young boat operator who ferries tourists from Kuala Besut jetty to Perhentian Island. Judging by the way he works he looks very experienced in handling the boat and looks like it is his daily job. You can tell it by his heavily tanned skin. Unfortunately what I could do was just to capture him at work without being able to interview him as he was very busy handling tourists and heading for another trip to the island.
09 - The same young boat operator at work.

Sunday, 21-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
MIR & Friends Photography Exhibition in Sibu, Sarawak


I will be holding photo exhibition in Sibu, Sarawak organised by entitled MIR & Friends.

The exhibition is by invitation and it is participated by Mr Leonard Foo, the boss himself, a photographic enthusiast who provides the vast resources on photography and cameras in his Photography in Malaysia website; Mr David Hoffman whose wildlife photos are simply breathtaking especially his swan series; Mr Vincent Thian, AP photojournalist; Mr Philip Chong, Advanced Images Editor-in-chief; Mr CY Leow, Ex-photo editor of The Star; Mr Michael Patrick Wong, an illustrious underwater photographer; Mr Arthur Theng a multiple award-winning local photographer ; Dr Abdul Malek Mohd Dom, an active member; Mr Eewyn Foo, one of the staff; Mr Koh Kho King, The co-founder and myself.

The exhibition starts from 24 August 2005 and as I said earlier it is held in Sibu, Sarawak. I hope I will be able to publish some photos of the exhibition here later.

Watch this space.

Note: The exhibition poster and my picture in the poster are courtesy of Mr Leonard Foo.

Tuesday, 16-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Zulhairi & Noreen are engaged

The sirih junjung - a compulsory thing
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I would love to congratulate these 2 friends who were engaged on 31 July 2005.

The ceremony were held in accordance with Malay custom that is rich with inherited culture. It was attended by relatives, neighbours and close friends. They came to grace the event and to give their blessing. This is also the event that relatives living afar could get to know their respective 'future new member' of their families. The man side presented 7 trays of items one of which was a engagement diamond ring while the lady side returned the favour by giving out 13 trays of various items. It is always a practice that the number of trays is odd numbers. The reason? I never know. And it is also a customary practice that the lady side would reciprocate more than what the man give. That understandably means in life we always strive to give more in return of the favour that someone does to us. How nice if it always becomes a practice doesnt it?

Anyway the event occured smoothly with both of the fiance and fiancee smiling broadly all the time. Maybe they felt relieved that at last they have managed to go through one hurdle and the only remaining event awaiting them is of course the wedding ceremony itself. Well that's what I felt when I went through mine a couple of years ago...

Besides they must be very happy as both of them are faithful to each other and honour the promise they have made to each other out of their mutual love. May they be strong enough and able to counter whatever hurdle and challenges ahead as some old folks believe that during engagement period the challenges are far greater. Actually it is the most appropriate time for either party to learn to adapt him/herself to each other before they live together tied by the nuptial knot.

To Zulhairi and Noreen, I wish to say congratulations to both of you. I am happy for you two.

Sunday, 7-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Danial & Batrishia

My ever cheerful son
My little daughter Batrishia
He loves to pose in his own style
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Since I cannot find time to shoot lately being busy with work and other things my two cute kids have to be the 'victims' of my trigger-happy finger.

For a new environment of playground I took them to Taman Jaya lake graden at PJ State. Needless to say they were excited to play at the new playground since they normally are limited to Kelana Jaya Lake Garden most of the time. Luckily PJ has many places for children to play at. Hopefully MPPJ could improve the facilities in those existing playground and it will be great if some of the playgrounds and lake gardens are open at night like Taiping Lake Garden which is regarded to be the most beautiful lake garden in the country.

At least our youngsters have public place to exercise, unwind and get together in a more healthy environment not limited to only shopping complexes....

Saturday, 30-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Merisik - Nurintan Farina Dato' Mohamad Nordin

My father-in-law and my mother-in-law look very cheerful
So do En Zamali's family
A simple lunch served for the guests
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Malay is rich with custom and culture. Before we get married there are a couple of process that we have to go through. First of all is merisik which in Malay means proposing to get married. But instead of what a western man does by just saying "Will you marry me?" to his lady and it is followed by slipping a ring on his lady's finger - voila! they are now officially engaged - we Malay must involve our parents to go to the lady's house and meet her parents to reckie and ensure that a lady is still really available. And when it is confirmed that the lady thier son is interested in is available the man's parents would tell the lady's parents that their son would like to take the lady as his wife. The man's parents will normally bring a ring and a piece of cloth as gifts to the their daughter-in-law-to-be.

This offcially ties a relationship and it shows that the lady now belongs to someone. Only after this merisik event the offcial engagement ceremony will follow at a later time specified during this discussion.

Today on 30 July 2005, my father-in-law Brig General (R) Dato' Mohamad Nordin Alwi welcomed a family of En Zamali who came to propose to my sister-in-law Nurtintan Farina Dato' Mohamad Nordin (my wife's little sister) for their son Hanafi.

The event took place of course in a very pleasant and cheerful manner. It was just an informal meet and discussion but very meaningful. It was just a private family affair. This event officially tied the relationship between Intan and Hanafi that, God willing, will be followed with an official engagement ceremony and will culminate in a marriage later.

To Intan, Abang Zain and Kak Nina would like to wish you congratulations and the best of luck for your future life. We are very happy for you and Hanafi.

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