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Wednesday, 8-Mar-2006 04:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
"Painting With Light" - The Putra Mosque

I know The Putra Mosque in Putrajaya has been shot to death by various photographers - local and foreign. I myself have shot The Putra Mosque numerous times. Sometimes I got it okay sometimes not. Take a look at more of my Putra Mosque pictures here. But that doesnt mean I should stop shooting it just because many photographers have shot it countless times at multiple angles.

A couple of weeks ago I went again to Putrajaya with the specific purpose of looking for pictures. I was lucky the weather was very fine in the very early morning. I was presented with a very beautiful early morning light illuminating the half part of The Putra Mosque as the sun was still very low.

This composition is what I did to try breaking from the monotony of the postcard shot. It has also been discussed at Bazuki's blog.

Please feel free to throw the brickbats at me

Thanks for taking your time to drop by and view my pictures.

Here are what I have got.

Saturday, 4-Mar-2006 18:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
"Painting With Light" - Kuala Besut Thru' My Viewfinder

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I never fail to go and shoot Kuala Besut whenever I went back to my hometown. After all it is only just 15km from my parents' house. But what I like about Kuala Besut is it never fails to offer interesting subject of photography whenever I go there to shoot especially during the magic hour including sunset and sunrise. I know Terengganu has various interesting and scenic places especially particularly its beaches and islands and Kuala Besut just happens to be the most convenient one to me. And to catch the beautiful golden low angle light where everything it illuminates looks very much in three dimensionality means you have to arrive at the place early. Only then will you be able to watch the changes in color and to see the light appear in all its glory.

Happy shooting wherever you are!

This photo is not just like any other a silhouette. It is the silhouette of a family whose members share a common interest - fishing. How sweet eh?

As a result of low angle light as I said the three diemsnionality is very pronounced. And everything looks highly contrasty. This is the time you feel like going on shooting spree.

A discarded boat

When light is contrasty, any colour is gloriously vibrant on highlight side while the shadow has gone much darker than usual.

The fishermen who just anchored their boat to land their catch of that day at LKIM Fishing Complex in Kuala Besut.

The fishermen with their newly landed catch. Do you notice the prawns in the picture? I ended up buying that prawns. Talking about killing two birds with one stone

The anglers having a whale of time....

An elderly fisherman on his fishing boat

Like Kelantan, Terengganu is famous for its enterprising ladies. They make up most of the traders at the market and weekly market. These 2 pictures above are the scene captured at Kuala Besut Pasar Minggu held every Friday.

Sunday, 12-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Islamica Magazine


Islamica Magazine in its latest issue has published 4 of my mosque pictures. Those pictures accompany an article entitled "Foreign Occupation: Islamic Symbolism in Malaysia" by Rick Gregory an American but Malaysian-based writer. This is my first collaboration with Rick and hope there will be many more fruitful collaboration with him in the future.

Islamica Magazine contains various enlightening articles related to Islam and Muslim worldwide. It is Los Angeles-based and published four times a year. Islamica Magazines are now available at Times Bookstore and other major bookstores sold at RM 35.00 per copy.

You can read the above article by Rick online and many other articles in the Islamica Magazine for free online.

Monday, 9-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Holiday in Melaka

My wifey and my kids
Melaka town at night
Melaka town in the evening
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Last Christmas holiday I drove my family to Melaka for a holiday. It was the decision made at eleventh hour and although we intended to stay overnight we went without booking any hotel. Having checked for hotel availability on the net proved futile as all the hotels in Melaka were fully booked! But never mind. We still went hoping for some last minute cancellation by other people.

True enough after enquiring several hotels in Melaka town we found one at Hotel Emperor. The room was available because somebody has cancelled the reservation at the last minute. We quickly grabbed the offer. It is actually my kids who are overjoyed and ecstatic whenever we have the opportunity of staying in the hotel. Maybe they were happy being in the different atmosphere other than just our house or their grandparents’ house. Needless to say it is very enjoyable going on holiday with family once in a while. The more often, the more fun it will be but the financial constraint is not fun at all hahaha.

At night we went to Pernu the famous place selling sea food and grilled fish. The place was very crowded and full to the brim as we have already expected. Nevertheless we managed to enjoy the succulent and tasty seafood and grilled fish coupled with nasi lemak.

In the afternoon after checking out from the hotel we went to Bandar Hilir. A must visit place whenever you go to Melaka. The place is full of historic heritage left by the Portugese, the Dutch and the British ex-colonial masters. It is where most of the tourists local and foreign flock to. After spending the afternoon in Bandar Hilir we proceeded to Ayer Keroh another tourists’ attraction where we also had our late lunch before we headed back to Seremban in the evening where we finished off the rest of our holiday.

BTW, to all muslim friends, my family and I would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya EidulAdha may Allah bless you and your loved ones always.

Friday, 6-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sungai Buloh Country Resort - Part I

The sun beam adds further interest to the misty landscape
The green lung behind my house
The green lung behind my house
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We moved to our new house at Sungai Buloh Country Resort, Saujana Utama in Sungai Buloh during fasting month last year which we bought about 2 years ago. The housing estate was just completed. It is nicely located at the foot of the small hill and surrounded by lush greenery (I have a strong feeling the greenery is not going to last long judging by the active development there which is saddening). Every time I drove past the beautiful and attractive landscape in the early morning on the way to work I made a mental note which location I should take pictures from (being a photographer you cant help it). But the only problem was I didn’t get around to going out and shooting whenever I was on holiday due to various reasons.

Only last weekend when I woke up very early and I noticed the weather was favourably fine with very beautiful warm rising sunlight I decided it was time I took some pictures before the beautiful morning light was gone. Unfortunately the sound of my car engine woke up my son Danial, 4, and he as usual wants to tag along anywhere I go except to work. Rather than letting him cry continuously at the top of his voice and wake up the whole neighbourhood I hesitantly had to take him along in the car. Luckily his sister Adik, 2 was not woken up by his momentary loud cry before I agreed to take him along otherwise my photography venture on that day would definitely have to be shelved.

I drove to the construction site where a few bungalow houses were being built behind which there was lush greenery and the adjacent hill. I took some pictures there by taking advantage of the beautiful morning light that was still there. All of a sudden Danial was complaining that he wanted to go home to answer the nature’s call. And he said it was urgent he barely managed to withstand the urge anymore! I listened to his dilemma with a mixture of anger and amusement. But before I saw him relieving himself there in the car or at the construction site I sped off back home. That ended my photography activity for that beautiful morning although it was just a short trip I managed to bag a few shots worth sharing with you here thanks to fine weather and beautiful morning light.

Enjoy the pictures!

The sun beam adds further interest to the misty landscape

The green lung behind my house

The green lung behind my house

The road leading to my house

This landscape reminds me of the cover of the novel "Snow Falling On Cedars"...

Danial - his just-woke-up-from-sleep face was illuminated by the beautiful warm glow of the morning light

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