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Thursday, 23-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My All-time Best 12 Photos

A couple of months ago I with Ted, Engku, Jaggat (all are members of and many others attended a photography talk conducted by En Bazuki Muhammad, a REUTERS photojournalist, at UPM. Bazuki is among who's who in the Malaysian photographic fraternity who won Asia Sports Photojournalist Award for 2 consecutive years.

After the talk proper we had a casual chat about, what else, photography. About its development in Malaysian context and also about his experience and technique in capturing great images. He suggested to us that we come up with the best 12 photos out of all the photos that we have taken. And the best 12 must always be updated whenever we secured the photo which is deemed better than the best 12. He still does that after being asked to do so way back during his student days by his photography lecturer.

To meet his challenge I have chosen my all-time best 12 so far (based on my own personal judgment) and it will always be updated. I will definitely replace any current one once I find a better photo to be slotted in. This way as according to Bazuki you always challenge yourself to always strive for better and better photo.........

Yeah...I think it makes sense, a great deal indeed.

Do access my all-time 12 best photos here Enjoy your stay.

Friday, 10-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My son Danial

My son loves to pose as much as his father enjoys taking picture.

Wednesday, 8-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Old shophouse

Converted to duotone in Photoshop
Converted to duotone in Photoshop
I am constantly amazed by old buildings and shophouses. The carving, the air vent (as a substitute for air-conditioner at that time) and the complexities of the construction as well as their design merits a study on its own.

How I wish I could travel by time machine and see for myself how they all look like during their heyday. Maybe people were impressed with them as people are with KLCC or The Putra Mosque nowadays.. Errr my imagination just runs riot....

Some day I dream of setting up a project to study and take picture of ancient and pre-war buildings in Malaysia. Any sponsor?

Saturday, 4-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Justice and The Truth at long last prevails....

Yaasin recital after maghrib prayer
Listening to a short speech by Dr Badrul Amin
Dr Badrul Amin was giving a short ceramah before Isyak prayer
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2 September 2004 is the historic date for Malaysian political scenario. On that day Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted by The Federal Court, the highest court of the land, of the sodomy charges and that important verdict has released him from the prison and set him free. A couple of years ago his sodomy trial before which his corruption tiral became the centre of attraction worldwide and it was covered by various newspapers from all over the world due to inconsistent witnesses and evidence and Anwar claimed that there was a conspiracy against him to oust him from the top post he was holding at that time.

Now after spending 6 years of incarceration for his corruption charges he is now a free man. Upon being informed via SMS from my wife that Anwar was released I was in a state of disbelief. I just didn�t believe that he was freed when it just seemed so impossible before. I quickly checked out only to find the online news website jammed due to extremely heavy traffic. After about 15 minutes it started to download the content which confirmed the news that Anwar acquitted and released..

In the evening after work I decided to go to his house with my wife. His house used to be like a public house where party members and �reformasi� activists met. I went there to see him for myself after his 6 years of public disappearance except for a momentary appearance at the court house during trial of his two cases.

Upon arrival at his house at about 7.15pm many people have gathered there even though the house compound was not full as yet. We performed maghrib prayer there led by Dr Badrul Amin, a reformasi activist, an ex-UIA lecturer and also a keADILAan party member who was detained twice under ISA. After maghrib prayer people started trickling in while Yaasin recital was conducted to pray for blessings from Allah as well as to pray for Anwar�s physical well-being and for his safe surgery planned to be performed as soon as possible in Munich, Germany.

When it was time for Isyak prayer, crowd has swelled and the house compound was so packed with various people irrespective of race and religion. They came to visit him and to welcome him back to the free world. After performing Isyak prayer Anwar came downstairs mobbed by supporters, well-wishers and journalists as well as photographers from various newspapers. His house was now full to the brim and people could hardly move.

I took opportunity to take some pictures to capture this historic moment. A memorable and magnificent occassion to celebrate the release and return of a charismatic leader who used to be the prime minister-in-waiting.

I am now watching in eagerness what would Malaysian political scenario will look like once Anwar is back from his crucial back surgery....

Friday, 3-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hazy weather

Interior shot of The Fderal Territory Mosque
Early morning sky
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I woke up very early last weekend with the fervent hope that I could capture The Federal Territory Mosque in the beautiful dawn scene with colourful sky only to find the hazy plain sky.....It looks like the haze is here to stay and deprive us of taking beautiful picture of golden sky at sunset and sunrise....

Nevertheless I managed to grab some shots and there are very few deemed suitable for display here...

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